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29% of black employees held back by discrimination

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

CIPD report highlights employers should be investigating where they can make improvements for BAME staff

Nearly three in 10 black employees say that discrimination has played a part in a lack of career progression to date, almost three times as many as white British employees, according to research by the CIPD.

The survey of 1,290 UK employees (700 from a BAME background and 590 who are white British) found that 29% of black people said that discrimination had held them back in the workplace, compared to just one in 10 (11%) white British employees.

Inclusion, fairness and transparency need to be at the heart of workplace cultures, and HR has a key role to play in helping organisations to understand this. Read more here.

With around 20% of the population of Crawley, West Sussex in the Gatwick Diamond coming from ethnic communities, this issue is of particular importance if we are to see the Borough improve its social mobility rankings

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